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Hexamite is an OEM; that manufactures a variety of ultrasonic devices, for use in research and industry. Our main focus is on the development and supply, of Ultrasonic Positioning Systems.  We work with customers, to develop solutions for their specific applications, using Hexamite Ultrasonic Devices. Our main development center is in Northern Ireland, and to ensure we can deliver our products at a reasonable price the manufacturing is in Bulgaria.


1997 through 2001 Location USA

Research, Development and experimental devices, not sold. Specialized work for clients USA.

2000 through 2008 Australia

In late 2001;  Hexamite completed development, of our first-generation Local Positioning System (LPS); Ultrasonic Positioning System hx900. This series of LPS is a simple yet versatile absolute positioning system that, provides very precise positioning data (Australia).

In the first half of 2004; Hexamite completed development, of the HX5 Series Ultrasonic Positioning System; our second-generation ultrasonic LPS.  The HX5 series utilized: asynchronous differential positioning technology, and sophisticated signal analysis, to provide faster and more accurate positioning capabilities. (Australia)

In 2006; Hexamite launced the hx11, system capable of both absolute and differential positioning. (Australia)

In 2008, the hx17 was born. Simple, and designed for 2 dimensional tracking, of multple objects at high speeds. This system has the differential capacity and signal sophistication of the hx5 and hx11, but doubled the sampling rate.

2010 the hx19 was born, has the precision and range of the hx900, the signal recognition of the hx5, the speed of the hx17, and the absolute positioning ability of the hx11. And on top of all of this, is battery ready, with a very low power consumption. And not to be ignored; NO WIRES! This system can maintain high accuracy, in a noisy industrial environment. 




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