Ultrasonic Positioning, Tracking and Guidance Systems 
HX19: RFID USID Combination of ultrasound and radio for precise fast multi-point 3D and 2D positioning and localization. Wireless ultrasonic position receivers and transmitters; for many applications, using only three basic components. The HX19; can replace all the old hexamite ultrasonic positioning systems, offering high speed, higher resolution, higher precision, long range and low power.

HabiTag workplace management system consists of electronic name tags and badges transmitting ultrasonic and RFID. These signals are registered by fixed receivers to record the location specific signals were detected. It is a system of associations, where identity, time and location is broadcasted to the information superhighway (Internet). It is at the customer's discretion if the information remains local or gets published and to whom.

Ultrasonic Sensors and Ranging Devices

Ultrasonic Level Manager

NEW! Ultrasonic Level Manager, U200MC Ultrasonic Process Controller, range up to 20 meters

Transceivers Sensors

Ultrasonic signal conditioners and converters, Ultrasonic Proximity Switches, Ultrasonic Distance Monitors, Ultrasonic Point to Point Distance Monitors and transceivers, sensors, transmitters and receivers.

Principles: Position/Doppler 

Sound distance calculation and Doppler equations


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