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HX19V3 RFID Ultrasonic Positioning System..

HX19V3 is an enhanced HX19V2, with all the features of hx19v2. Hx19v3 provides a slightly better performance. Hx19 combines radio frequency and ultrasonic waves for high precision and high speed positioning of multiple objects. It is a wireless system of mobile position transmitters and receivers operating on long life batteries. The hx19 is useful for small positioning application, that can be expanded indefinitely to cover vast area as a single system. This version offers enhanced range and sampling speed, plus absolute position with added doppler data. It is well suited for 3d indoor positioning, navigation, tracking and guidance. Due to its high speed it can be used to merge 3d position data into video frames. Immersive virtual reality game applications are also within the realm of the hx19v3.

          APPLICATION Examples             FEATURES
  • Quadrotor Guidance Indoor Navigation 
  • 3D Studio and Filming Applications
  • Immersive Virtual Reality Applications
  • Automation and Manufacturing
  • Robotics Guidance and Tracking
  • Performance Sports and Athletics training
  • Security Control and Management
  • External synchronization drive
  • Variable sampling rates to over 30s/s
  • Device to Device Range up to 15 Meters
  • High Precision (typically 3mm)
  • Position and Doppler output
  • Complete Wireless activity
  • TTL UART serial communication
  • USB (FTDI) and RS232
Evaluation pack I. V3 consists of 3 receivers, 3 transmitters and 1 hx19ms synchronizer monitor. It comes with utility programs used to derive 3d position from signal triangulation. These programs are written using Visual Basic 6 for simplification. Sample programs are also written using the REBOL language which will run on many platforms. Source code is provided for both programming languages.

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hx19 RFID ultrasonic positioning evaluation pack

Differences between hx19v2 and hx19v3

hx19v3 Acquisition frame length can be set by user in terms of milliseconds.

Transmitter Hx19tV3: Signal hx19tV3 emission record number is added, i.e. when the signal arrives at the receiver it is accompanied by the emission number. The RFID of the tag can be changed.

System integration transmitter hardware information.

Receiver Hx19rV3 reveals positioning and doppler data relative to a set of transmitters through a Micromatch serial pin to a set of transmitters. This enables GPS like operation where indefinate number of objects can know own position. It has ultrasonic noise recovery feature  and appends a doppler value (resolution 0.179) to the position value.

System integration receiver hardware information.

More on System Integration

Example: given that the local synchronizer has been set to call transmitters 20,21 and 22 then the output from the receiver 40 may look as follows:

R40 X20_33 A12450_2000
R40 X21_21 A13233_2010
R40 X22_54 A13098_1987
The 33rd emission from transmitter 20 is measured 12450 millimeters away from receiver 40, and the doppler number 2000 says it is stationary. Doppler 2010 shows increasing distance between emitter 21 and receiver 40. Similarely decreasing distance between transmitter 22 and receiver 40
R40 X20_33 A12450_2000
R41 X20_33 A13233_2010
R42 X20_33 A13098_1987
On the left transmitter 20 is in the position where receiver 40 was in the example above. And receivers 40, 41 and 42 are now in the positions previously occupied by transmitter 20,21 and 22. Here all receivers are reading the 33 emission from transmitter 20

The hx19 system does not care what moves with respect to what since all data is publicly broadcasted, and the more components that are added to the system the larger is the dataset.

Hx19ms-a monitor synchronizer version 3 comes with a Micromatch I/O to help system integration. A pin can be used to synchronize the hx19 with external systems, or vice versa. Hx19 acquisition frame can be forced in sync with video equipment, IMU devices and etc.

  • RFID ultrasonic mobile positioning system Mobile 3d positioning system

    HX19 system is formed; using only the three basic building blocks shown above: the transmitter, the receiver and the synchronizer/monitor.  Hx19 is a solution to a wide variety of positioning problems; ranging from "personnel workplace management", to industrial grade real time spatial feedback. Space coverage, and system size, is limited only by the number of the components purchased. It is easy to install, with a common USB driver FTDI available for most operating systems.


    mobile positioning system

    The following application; depicts an operation using a few receivers, and a few transmitters, in 3 dimensional space. Data is shown as streaming from the receivers, to an hx19ms-usb, which makes the data available, on the laptop below. Hx19access program; is used for this particular setup, and the hx19xyzDDE used above, can also be used. If the log option is checked, then the streaming data will go to a text file called hx19.log. The source code for this program is included with the hx19.

    ultrasonic positioning setup

    You can mail a request for a user manual, and further technical details to:

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