Entirely wireless, the Hx19 system opens new applications, and significantly simplifies setup and installation. Applications range from high level personnel management and payroll systems; to manufacture and automation control.

Since setup and installation is wireless, and the positioning is synchronized, the system can compute the location of fixed points, and auto-calibrate. There is no longer a need to map the fixed points.

The Hx19 combines 2.4Ghz communication, RFID and 40khz USID (radio frequency and ultrasonic identification respectively). Hence opening new dimension in personnel or patient management systems, as well as industrial positioning systems. RF penetration of walls can be an uncertainty drawback, the floor or room containing the RFID source cannot be determined. Augmenting ultrasonic confirmation nullifies that drawback.


 Personnel Management and Payroll Systems

 3D Studio and Filming Application

 Virtual Reality Interactive Games

 Automation and Manufacturing Application

 Armed Forces and Police training

 Robotics Guidance and Tracking

 Sports and Athletics Performance logging and training

 Security control and management

 Medical: patient control and management

HX19 wireless RF ultrasonic combination, for precision positioning.


Above, the cube represents a closed space, having compartments (rooms) C1,C2,C3 and C4 separated by walls within a building. T1 and T2 are hx19t series USID/RFID tags. R1 and R2 are hx19r receivers. Conventional RF tracking systems, may not be able to indicate which room, or floor holds the RFID. Since USID (ultrasonic ID) is unable to penetrate walls, it bounces around until it is detected by R2 (see confine C2). R1 will receive the RFID from T2, but it will not detect its USID. Therefore the R1 data string output will contain T2 RFID, but no T2 ultrasound (no USID confirmation). The hx19rx receiver and the hx19ms synchronizer, can be plugged into a 220/110V wall socket, or an Ethernet point. One or two receivers, should provide sufficient coverage for a small office space. Note that the RF range is adjustable from 3 to 25 meters.



RFID (radio frequency identification) with USID confirmation (ultrasonic identification). Plus precision absolute positioning


The illustration above, shows a receiver grid mounted on a ceiling of a large hall. Such network will monitor the position of the Hx19tx tags, at 16 samples/second and 1mm precision anywhere within the space covered. This facility is suitable for sports, warehouses, police and armed forces training.

HX19RX USID/RFID receiver Size: 40 x 80 x 20 mm

HX19MS Monitor/Synchronizer Size: 40 x 80 x 20 mm

FEATURES (specs)

 RF Ultrasonic Positioning System, NO WIRES

Device to device distance measurement to 14 Meters

 Precision 1mm

 Combination Ultrasonic and RF identification

 Adjustable RF range

 All devices battery ready

 USB and serial interface to RF com network

 Full coverage accuracies better than 9mm at 1mm precision.

The above; depicts a system of multiple hx19 devices, i.e. multiple receivers, detecting multiple tags. One tag is shown connected to a palm top, in this case the palmtop has access to the RF network, and can determine own position through a serial I/O. The Hx19 comes with software that computes the 3d (xyz) coordinates of each tag, relative to mapped receivers. Coordinates are available through real time DDE interface, and stored on a file. Users have DDE access to coordinates, or can tap directly into the data stream coming through the USB port.

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Shown above is a basic small system. Tag identities are known, so are the distances from hx19txa to hx19rxa and hx19rxb, and hx19txb to hx19rxb and hx19rxa. Distance and identification data, stream from the hx19 receivers through the hx19ms monitor synchronizer at 250kbaud. This DataStream can be processed using a readout CPU; and results transmitted through RF to the Serial I/O wire on the hx19txa.

  APPLICATION EXAMPLES   hx19 evaluation kit