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HX19R series: Ultrasonic Position Receiver (2.4Ghz COM RFID)


The hx19r16-IP42, is the standard hx19 receiver offered with the evaluation system. This unit is designed for indoors operation. It times the flight of the longitudinal ultrasonic wave, and decodes the identity of the incoming RFID and USID (ultrasonic identification). The distance to the RFID (ultrasonic) transmitter is  measured with a resolution of 1mm. And the result from each time of flight acquisition cycle is either stored in ring buffers for delayed polling, or broadcasted as it comes over 2.4GHZ RF channel. Indefinite number of receivers can be used to monitor the position of transmitters. I.e. the more receivers monitoring the more accurate is the position. This device comes in two versions one with a pigtail lead for a power supply, and the other with internal battery.

HX19R16 beam pattern HX19R12 beam pattern
HX19R16 is designed for long range forwards transmission, or up to 14m when paired with a HX19R16.

HX19R12 is designed for wide spread transmission 120 degrees, with range up to 10m when paired with a HX19R12.

HX19R ultrasonic distance receiver

* Batteries are not shipped with the units due to regulatory restriction, this device takes batteries available in most hardware stores. If rechargeable is desired, hexamite recommends LIR2032

HX19R16-IP42 Specification

Supply Voltage External 5-10  Volts DC
Supply Voltage Internal 3 - 4 Volts DC
Battery Mode Consumption @ Sleep 0.03mA @ 3Vdc Actuation strobe 0.02s/s
Battery Mode Consumption @ Standby 0.2 mA @ 3Vdc Actuation strobe 0.16s/s
Battery Mode Consumption @ Action 6 mA @ 3Vdc Actuation strobe 16s/s
Battery mode off 25mA @ 3Vdc Continuous mode
Battery mode off 6mA @ 3Vdc Actuation strobe 16s/s
Weight 37g / 1.25oz Without Batteries
Input Voltage 3-13  Vdc
Enclosure Size (Metric) 40 x 80 x 25 Millimeters
Ear Bottom Size (Metric) 40 x 97 Millimeters
Enclosure Size  (Imperial) 1.48 x 3.16 x 0.98 Inches
Ear Bottom Size (Imperial) 1.48 x 3.81 Inches
Radio Frequency 2.4-2.523Ghz three power configuration steps  
RF user com channels 125 Channels
Communication 250K baud  
Typical Precision 5mm  

Current Consumption @ 3.7Vdc

Mode Typical Consumption
Deep Sleep 0.03mA
Idle Mode 0.3mA
Full Speed 16 samples/second 8mA
Continuous mode (no battery mode) 27mA



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