HX1200TR Ultrasonic Transceiver

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Narrow Beam 200Khz Underwater Ultrasonic Sensors (Transceiver).

The HX1200TR is designed for underwater applications. This is a transceiver which is good as both signal transmitter and a signal receiver. It transmits 160db signal Narrow Beam 9 degrees at either 200. It will receive with sensitivity level of -180db/V/microbar.  Range from 0m to 40m transceiver to transceiver operation, and echoes from 0.1m to 25m are achieved with low cost circuitry. It must be noted when applying this transducer for echo analysis, that the crystal settling rate is a limiting factor as to how close an object can be. Dual conductor shielded cable extends from the back of this sensor, for connection to a signal conditioner. The HX1200 series sensor can withstand submersion in water or seawater to a depth over 30m. 

In the following, two HX1200TR transceivers are placed facing each other at a fixed distance. One transceiver referred to as T1 is exited with various voltage levels, and the opposite transceiver referred to as T2 is used to receive the signal. The graphs below plot the output from T2.


Size: 1.9" dia x 1.7

graphical representation 1
Above: Continuous excitation increasing voltage oscillating at 200 khz  is applied to T1. The T2 resulting amplitude is plotted above.
graphical representation 2
The above illustrates how the output of T2 decays as distance increases between T1 and T2. T1 is exited with oscillating voltage, amplitude 10V. 

Impedance and Phase Angle vs Frequency. Tested submerged using 1 V(rms) signal

Receiving and Transmitting Sensitivity measured underwater with sensors 1 meter apart.

Electrical Specifications HX1200TR

Parameters Values Units
Operating Frequency 200 kHz
Input Voltage 100 (max) Volts (RMS)
Output (SPL) @20V 160 db
Receive (Sensitivity) -180 db/V/Ubar
Impedance 200 ohm
Beam Angle 9 @ -6db degrees
Bandwidth 25 kHz
Settling Time 0.5 mS
Temperature -40 to 100 C



Wire Color Function
Red Signal 
White Ground (return)
Shield Ground (return)

Housing HX1200

Housing Description Units
Material Type Plastic Resin  
Protection NEMA 12 (IP68)  
Diameter 1.9 In
Diameter 47.5  mm
Length 1.7 In
Length 44 mm
Leads Length (attached) 4.0 meters