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Increase workplace efficiency, monitor and locate your project assistants, employees and valuable equipment.

The image on the right shows an Electronic badge or a name tag suitable for the hx19 HabiTag ultrasonic locator system. This low cost assembly has provisions for a credit card size label, and accessories that allow attachment to clothing. The tag emits ultrasonic ID and radio frequency ID at 2.5Ghz. Furnished with a micro USB port the internal batteries can be recharged with normal telephone micro USB chargers, or any DC adaptor providing 5 Vdc or more. Internal battery function allows HabiTag central software to issue an alarm if the battery is low.

HX19TLB includes a state of the art internal accelerometer which can sense if people fall down, or the tag is hit. The data can also be used to map the physical activity of the carrier. HabiTag software system can be set to play audio files on a central computer, indicating employee identification and whereabouts if they hit the nametag with their hand for emergency alarm.

Battery Options: Two battery choices are available:

Short life with approx 1000 recharge hours, life time per charge is 500 hours. Battery cost approx. 2 euros. (weight 3 grams).

Long life battery recharge cycles. 1000, lifetime per charge 5000 hours. Battery cost approx. 5 euros (weight 15 grams).

Weight without name card and battery 17 grams.

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